Rifled Slug Firer Shotgun

Built to order, as individual as our customers and their requirements. Unless a matched pair of guns are ordered, all our guns and rifles will be individually different.

Slug Firer Shotgun.


This shotgun is built as a dedicated rifled slug firer for boar hunting.

It has sights and is regulated to shoot accurate groups of rifled slugs at 60 / 70 yards, giving it a similar performance as that of a double rifle.

This gun features just enough barreled choke so that it can still produce reasonable shot patterns for the shooting of larger game birds such as Pheasant, Duck, and Geese.

This gun handles well and is proofed for rifled slugs and steel shot.

This gun has wild boar engraving and the clients initials set in the base of the pistol grip in 22 carat gold.

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