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Our Engineering Director

For many years our Engineering Director has been working with Rolls Royce Power Generation and Jet Engines. He has been working with the obsolete engines, and making aftermarket parts for the engines that Rolls Royce no longer support. This involved working to the highest technical and quality standards of engineering.

Due to his passion for game shooting, boar hunting and deer stalking, he wanted one gun in a transport case that could be configured in any calibre as a complete shooting system. With his Engineering capabilities, he was determined to have a bespoke double rifle, shotgun, or rifle shotgun combination, from a single solution.

He further wanted to build Bolt Action Rifles utilising unused Mauser 98 Actions modified to civilian hunting calibers.

Also he wanted to bring together high quality engineering, along with the craftsmanship of the goldsmith and engraver, to produce traditional London style sidelock ejector shotguns.

His vision is to utilise parts and components from some of the finest gun makers in the world, along with materials and engineering from the aviation sector.

Using Lothar Walther barrels and fine contemporary gun making he believes that the finished products will stand alongside any best quality rifles and shotguns in the bespoke market.

Hand Crafted ShotgunsHand Crafted Shotguns


Bespoke Traditional Artisan, Side by Side, and Contemporary Over Under Shotguns.

Hand Crafted RiflesHand Crafted Rifles


Bespoke Traditional Side by Side, Contemporary Over Under Double Rifles, Custom M98 Bolt Action Rifles.

Bespoke Combination Shotguns, Bespoke Combination RiflesBespoke Combination Shotguns, Bespoke Combination Rifles


Combinations that will change from a Shotgun barrel to a Rifle barrel at the push of a switch.

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