Lightweight Ladies Shotgun.

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Lightweight Ladies Shotgun.


This shotgun has been developed to be one of the lightest sporting guns ever made. Depending on the barrel length it has an all up weight of around 2 kilos.

The action and frame of this gun has been made from Aviation Grade Alloy, the same material that aircraft landing gear is built from, light, and an extremely strong material.

The shotgun has been developed as a fast handleing comfortable fit for ladies, for both clay shooting or game shooting. When using standard 20 bore loads, recoil is comfortable like any other 20 bore shotgun. This gun has been made with 76mm chambers and proofed for Steel Shot. When using Magnum Game Loads recoil is increased, but still less than a 12 bore counterpart.

This gun has been engraved and finished with an aviation grade black surface hardening treatment. We also offer these guns in a silver / grey finish.

The guns can be ordered to bespoke measurements and engraving. The guns we have in stock are made to generic measurements and can be purchased at a keen price when compared with other guns of similar quality.

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